Pro-Line Fittings is pleased to announce that we are in the Perforated pipe business!

Perforated Pipe

We understand that to truly differentiate ourselves, we can’t just rely on personalized service, reliable product and fast lead times – we need to be able to accommodate all of your pipe-fitting needs. After recognizing a gap in our product offering based on our clients’ (your) input, we are thrilled to announce that we are now in the perforated pipe business.

3-to-5 Day Lead Time on Perforated Piping

“If they need something for tomorrow, we’ll stay late or come in early. Our client is number 1. There are other people out there perforating pipe – all we can do is do it right, do it faster and do it better”

Our clients have come to expect fast response times and quick job completion when they contact Pro-Line, and when it comes to our new perforated piping – expect no less. We offer 13-foot HDPE, SDR 28 and SDR 35 pipe ranging from 4” to 36” in diameter with 3/8” or 1/2” hole size. We can also provide as many perforated rows on your pipe as is required to accommodate your project.

Thank you for your continued support. For more information, contact either:

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Nick Kondolay, moc.s1716783397gnitt1716783397ifeni1716783397l-orp1716783397@yalo1716783397dnokn1716783397