Advance Products & Systems, Inc., founded in 1978, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of water & wastewater, oil & gas, and industrial & mechanical pipeline products. APS also offers quality safety products manufactured to meet their customers’ needs to protect personnel, equipment, and the environment.


APS has experienced steady growth over the years and presently has 65,000 square feet of manufacturing space, and currently employs over 80 full-time employees. A complete inside sales staff and office support system are here to satisfy representatives and distributors in the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and several other regions. The corporation’s end users include municipalities, public utilities, oil and gas companies, and other industrial and commercial firms.

Advance Products & Systems, Inc. is dedicated to manufacturing quality pipeline products which provide their customers not only with the product but with confidence in knowing they have a dependable product backed by 35 years of industry-leading excellence.

Innerlynx® Casing Spacers & End Seals
Flange Isolating Gasket Kits
DuoCon Centralizers
Wall Sleeves

innerlynx end seal

Innerlynx® End Seal

Innerlynx form a mechanical seal between pipes going through walls, floors, vaults, tanks and pipeline casings. Besides being designed to form a hydrostatic seal of up to 40 PSIG and up to 92.28 ft. of head pressure, Innerlynx help absorb vibrations, shocks, and sound waves. Being non-conductive, Innerlynx electrically isolate the inner carrier pipe from the penetrated structure. With this being a desired property in many applications in preventing a shorting effect from stray currents, it is particularly useful in sealing the gap between electrical conduit and the outer conduit or between electrical conduit and the opening. Innerlynx can be installed easily and quickly by one worker with no special tools required.

Innerlynx Brochure (PDF)


APS – Casing Spacers

APS Casing Spacers center water and sewer pipes in casings with ease of installation, are virtually corrosion proof and provide insulating protection from a possible electrical shorting between the carrier pipe and casing. No special tools are needed, no grease is used, and they are easily bolted on by a single worker. APS Casing Spacers eliminate the need to fill the casing annulus with sand which is extremely labor intensive. Sand in the annulus also acts as an electrolyte thereby introducing unwanted current to the steel or ductile iron. Eliminating the annular fill allows for easy removal to repair or replace damaged pipes. With no need for this fill, APS Casing Spacers are your answer to lower installation costs with continued access for maintenance.

APS-Casing Spacers (PDF)


APS – Isolating Gasket Kits

Flanges, the most common trouble area, need to be sealed properly to prevent leakage and must also be cathodically isolated to prevent stray currents which cause undo corrosion and eventual breakdown of the metal. Advance Products & Systems manufactures and maintains a supply of quality products and materials which help solve most flange sealing problems, therefore preventing subsequent corrosion and saving the integrity of the pipeline.

APS-Flange Isolating Gasket Kits (PDF)


APS – DuoCon Centralizer

DuoCon Centralizers are used to support and space a section of pipe inside a secondary pipe on dual containment systems. These plastic centralizers can be used on all types of pipe including fiberglass, PVC, polyethylene and steel. APS centralizers are manufactured from injection molded, high density polyethylene. Centralizers are also called spacers or spiders.

APS-DuoCon Centralizers (PDF)

APS Wall Sleeves

APS – Wall Sleeves

In the absence of wall sleeves, mechanical/utility piping vibration can cause costly wall damage. Protect your investment and use APS wall sleeves to provide a better seal than a core drilled hole. In addition, wall sleeves make it easy to repair piping without damaging the wall.

APS wall sleeves are designed to mate with the APS Innerlynx seals for leak-free performance. APS standard length is 12 inches, however, we can customize any size wall sleeve, keeping in mind a 6 inch minimum is required. Each model is available with a water stop that anchors the sleeve to prevent thrust movement and insure positive water sealing. APS standard water stops are centered, unless otherwise specified.

GalVoPlast Wall Sleevees PDF