Tel, Hydro, Cable and Rigid Conduit Fittings

Pro-Line has a complete line of Tel, Hydro, Cable Duct and Rigid Conduit Fittings.


  • Telephone Duct Fittings
  • Hydro Duct Fittings
  • Cable Duct Fittings
  • Rigid Conduit Fittings (SCH 40)

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 1.44.19 PMThe Warnock Hersey (WH-ETL) Mark is North America’s leading product safety and performance mark for building and construction products. At Pro-Line all of our fittings meet or exceed the certification standards. CSA B 181.0-06, CSA B 182.1-06, CSA B 182.2-06, CSA B 182.4-06 ASTM D3034, ASTM D3212, ASTM F1336, ASTM F679, ASTM F794.

Telephone Duct Fittings

Tel Bends

Tel 90° Bends, 45° Bends, 22.5° Bends, and 11.25 ° Duct Bends

Tel J b

Tel J- Bends

Tel Cap Coup End B

Tel Caps, Couplings and End Bells

Hydro Duct Fittings

Hydro Bends

Hydro 90° Bends, 45° Bends, 22.5°Bends, and 11.25° Duct Bends

Hydro J B

Hydro J- Bends

Hydro Fittings

Hydro Caps, Couplings, End Bells, Air Rig

Cable Duct Fittings

Cable d bends

Cable 90° Bends, and 45° Duct Bends

Cable End BellCable , End Bell

Rigid Conduit Fittings (SCH 40)

Rigid Conduit Bend

Rigid Conduit 90° Bends, 45° Bends, and 22.5° Bends

Rigid Conduit

Rigid Caps, Couplings, End Bells