Flow Controls & Custom Fabrication

Pro-Line Fittings Flow Controls are used in conjunction with a retention pond or tank. In periods of rainfall, water is retained in the retention pond or tank and metered out through the orifice into the existing storm line.

Should there be prolonged heavy rainfall and the retention pond or tank reaches maximum capacity, the Flow Control will allow the water to flow over the riser pipe only until the water level reaches maximum height , then returns to metering the water through the orifice taxing the storm line as little as possible.

Should the retention pond or tank need draining for maintenance a slide gate or flapper is available and can be easily activated from the surface to drain the retention pond or tank.

Two FlowControls
Flow Control Drawing
Flow Control
  • All flow controls Available  4” –  48”
  • With Flap Gate/ or Slide Gate

Custom Fabrication

  • No Leak Flanges
  • Hatched Tees
  • Off-sets
  • Oil Seperaters
  • Outside Drops
  • Fiberglass Reinforcement

At Pro-Line Fittings we have over 100 years of fabricating experience.

If you can draw it we can fabricate it.