Canpac Stainless Steel Saddles & Repair Clamps

The CANPAC brands of SC stainless steel service saddles and CR stainless steel repair clamps range in diameter from 4 – 24 inches.  304 Grade Stainless Steel  is used for manufacturing and locks easily into position using coated nuts.
The SC series stainless steel service saddle is CANPAC’s signature product and has been sold throughout Canada for the last 25 years. CANPAC also specializes in stainless steel repair clamps.

Stainless Steel Saddles & Repair Clamps (PDF)

  • CR1 Stainless Steel One Section Repair Clamp
  • CR2 Stainless Steel Two Section Repair Clamp
  • CR3 Stainless Steel Three Section Repair Clamp
  • SC1 Stainless Steel Service Saddle (Single Bolt)
  • SC2 Stainless Steel Service Saddle (Double Bolt)
  • SC4 Stainless Steel Saddle Clamp (Four Bolt)