Company Info

PRO-LINE FITTINGS INC. was established in 2008, offering our customers over 100 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of quality PVC fabricated fittings for the Hydro, Telephone, Water, Waste water, Potable Water, and Drainage Industries which service Municipal, Industrial, Commercial and Residential Applications.

Dating back to the mid 1970’s, the Watts Family, founders of Le-Ron Plastics built the first proto-types of PVC Fittings which have now become industry standards.

Our new Next Generation Fabricating Equipment draws on our teams consolidated innovative design experience. By designing and producing our own manufacturing equipment, Pro-Line manufactures fittings more efficiently and effectively; producing higher quality products than the competition, at extremely competitive pricing.

Pro-Line Fittings is certified to the following CSA standards:

  • CSA B 182.1 Sewer PSM 4″ – 24″
  • CSA B 182.2 Sewer PSM 4″ – 24″
  • CSA B 182.4 Profile Fittings 8″ – 24″

Pro-Line Fittings also conforms to the following ASTM Standards:

  • ASTM 3034
  • ASTM 1336
  • ASTM F 794

At Pro-Line we’re committed to Customer Service Excellence. This means quick quotes, the highest quality fittings and delivered as promised each and every time.

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