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Pro-Line Fittings Canada (Est. 2008) is a solutions company that specializes in the manufacture and distribution of a variety of municipal waterworks products delivered with industry leading customer service. Pro-Line’s Team are pioneers in the PVC Pipe Fitting Industry and have deployed decades of knowledge to continuously improve and innovate our products and processes.

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Pro-Line’s fabrication experts are ready for any challenges and designs to meet your requirements, including Flow Controls, Customized PVC products, and Perforated Pipe drainage projects. Additional PVC manufactured products include Gasketed & Profile Sewer Fittings, Telephone/Hydro Duct fittings, and Inspection Chambers/Lids & Collars.

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Pro-Line’s exceptional team is constantly evolving and diversifying to meet new customer needs. This includes infrastructure solutions for pipe restraint and casing spacer applications, as well as industrial solutions like Pro-Flare™ for chemical management.

Pro-Line is committed to Customer Service Excellence in everything we do, from quotes to our quality products delivered on time as promised.

Pro-Line Fittings is certified to the following CSA Standards

CSA B 182.1 Sewer PSM 4″ – 24″

CSA B 182.2 Sewer PSM 4″ – 24″

CSA B 182.4 Profile Fittings 8″ – 24″

Pro-Line Fittings also conforms to the following ASTM Standards

ASTM 3034

ASTM 1336

ASTM F 794