PRO-LINE FITTINGS SPOTLIGHT: Theo Pella, LS6 – Fabrication & Innovation Manager

Theo Pella

In this second Q&A in our series on the people of Pro-Line fittings, we talked to Theo Pella our Fabrication and Innovation Manager. Theo heads up our Custom Fabrication efforts, a part of our business that we are very proud of. Our customers depend on us to solve complex problems […]

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Inserta Tee

What is Inserta Tee®? Often the best solutions are the ones that are simplest and with the fewest implements needed. And if an elegant, simple solution is created to address an ever-growing and common problem, such as how to safely install and use service connections, then you have a BIG […]

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From The Pipeline: The Power of the Pandemic On Water – After All is Changed, We Will Meet Again

the pipeline - SWWA

This article from The Pipeline was reproduced in part with permission from the SWWA. To read it in its entirety, please see the link at the bottom of this page. We share this excerpt with you because our own Bryan Lastwika contributed his thoughts on some of what Pro-Line Fittings […]

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How to avoid “chasing leaks” in your chemical feed system & drastically reduce its cost of ownership

THE PRO-FLARE™ SOLUTION Three years ago Pro-Line was consulted by Utilities Kingston to assist with the replacement of their chlorination system. The water treatment plant uses 12-14% NaOCl, Sodium Hypochlorite in pre-chlorination, primary disinfection, and Zebra mussel control. Schedule 80 PVC piping was used in the original design, and it […]

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Pro-Line Fittings Spotlight: Shadi Kilani, P.Eng. – Products & Specifications Engineer

Q&A - Shadi Kilani, P. Eng.

Pro-Line fittings is known for their outstanding customer service, and that reputation can only be achieved by selecting the best people to work with us. In the spirit of showing you a bit of how we work and who we work with, we’ve decided to start a new series of […]

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