The Clean Water Series 2: Interview with Barbara Robinson of Norton Engineering

The Clean Water Series - Episode 2

In the second episode of The Clean Water Series host Justin Giroux of Pro-Line Fittings talks with Barbara Robinson (P.Eng.) of Norton Engineering. They discuss clean water (of course), inflow and infiltration and what the risks are to communities and taxpayers if these issues are not fully addressed.


Here are some of Justin Giroux’s key takeaways from the conversation:

Top 6 Takeaways

  1. Inflow & Infiltration, simply put, refers to water in the sewer system that should not be there and its costing taxpayers TRILLIONS $ in maintenance and treatment.
  2. Inflow & Infiltration, I/I, is a phenomenon not limited to old aging sewer systems and in fact brand new sewer systems are consistently producing I/I levels way beyond what is acceptable.
  3. PRO-LINE FITTINGS INC. Gasketed Sewer Fittings are better suited for lateral connections versus solvent welded “glued” joints.
  4. Innerlynx from PRO-LINE FITTINGS INC. can prevent infiltration at a manhole tie-in, including with large diameter pipes in retrofit applications.
  5. Flow monitoring can determine whether I/I is occurring on the public or private end, and can be used to hold developers accountable.
  6. Composite manhole frames & covers from PRO-LINE FITTINGS INC. provide a watertight seal and allow for radio signal transmission. The costly replacement of damaged or vandalized flow monitoring equipment is now prevented as it can be safely mounted within the manhole structure… not to mention we can provide the same traffic load rating at 1/3rd the weight of iron.

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