The Clean Water Series 3: Interview with Rhett Pitre of Advance Products & Systems

The Clean Water Series - Episode 3

In the third episode of The Clean Water Series host Justin Giroux of Pro-Line Fittings talks with Rhett Pitre of Advance Products & Systems.


Here are some of Justin Giroux’s key takeaways from the conversation:

Key Takeaways

  1. The ApogeeAero casing spacer from APS eliminates pipe spiraling during installation with a 70% reduction in friction and load capacity of 12,500 lbs, saving time and money in pipe-in-casing applications.
  2. Flange isolation kits from APS use the very best non-permeable materials to eliminate metal to metal contact and block stray currents at a flange connection, thereby extending the life of a metal piping system.
  3. Innerlynx mechanical seals from APS are the most comprehensive mechanical seal line-up on the market today with the broadest size range & elastomer options, intuitive contractor friendly design, and extensive inventory from PRO-LINE FITTINGS INC. to solve the most demanding pipe penetration seal requirements.

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