The PVC Inspection Chamber – A Pro-Line Fittings Innovation

4" & 6" Inspection Chambers

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Pro-Line Fittings is proud to introduce our new Inspection Chambers brochure. You can find it here:

What is an Inspection Chamber?

Inspection Chambers quickly allow the City to discriminate between a blockage on private property or the City maintained system. If there is an issue, the city can remove the lid and inspect the bottom of the chamber, if there is back up observed, this indicates that the blockage is on the city right of way and the IC allows access for rodding or jetting the clog. If on the other hand the City observes the IC is empty indicating that the blockage is on private property, the owner can be directed to call a plumber.

PVC inspection chambers allow for the inspection of storm and sanitary sewer systems. Inspection Chambers, or IC’s are located on municipal right of ways and remain the property of the City or Municipality they are installed in.

During new construction they can be supplied pre-plugged and air tested from the factory. This configuration allows for the city to ensure all inspections are complete and all fees paid before the plug is removed and access to the sewer system is granted. The Pro-Line IC can also be supplied with a factory installed flapper to act as a back-water control device, or our innovative design allows that flapper to be retrofitted later in the field all through the access lid with no digging required.

At the grade level each IC has an access lid. The lids can be supplied constructed from two different materials, injection molded PVC or die cast and powder coated aluminum. These lids can be color coded to indicate whether the IC is connected to the Storm or Sanitary sewer system. These lids come standard with socket head cap screw access but can also be offered in a tamper proof screw version. Pro-line also offers a Cast iron driveway lid for installation in driveways and roads.

The lids come standard with an integral large ferrous mass to allow magnetic location.

Another thing to consider is that in these times of COVID19, having this means to verify potential issues with water, quickly and safely, is invaluable.. We would be hard pressed to present a product that has been more innovative, safe and provided a concrete return on investment for municipalities.

You can find more details about the PVC Inspection Chamber here, or you can contact us directly for more information.