Inserta Tee

What is Inserta Tee®?

Often the best solutions are the ones that are simplest and with the fewest implements needed. And if an elegant, simple solution is created to address an ever-growing and common problem, such as how to safely install and use service connections, then you have a BIG winner for the waterworks industry and public safety. Inserta Tee® has shown itself to be a simple-to-install answer to establishing these critical service connections, and is quickly growing as a favorite of Pro-Line Fittings’ customers who trust that our priority is getting them the best products in the market to get the job done.

A short definition of Inserta Tee® from our page:

Inserta Tee® is a high performance, easy-to-install service connection consisting of a PVC hub, rubber sleeve and stainless steel band. Inserta Tee’s watertight, air testable seal provides superior performance. Inserta Tee® connects to all known solid wall, profile, closed profile, and corrugated pipe manufactured today. And with it’s 2” to 30” service connections, Inserta Tee® boasts the widest range of sizes in the industry.

How does Inserta Tee® work?

Inserta Tee® is the definition of simple with 3 key parts to the product:

  1. A PVC hub
  2. A specially designed rubber sleeve
  3. A stainless steel band

Once the mainline pipe is cored according to the instructions, Inserta Tee® is installed into the wall to allow the watertight-sealed connection of services, preventing the trouble of using binding chemicals like epoxy or glue. It is also important to mention that there is no extra tooling required to complete the installation; as you’ll see below, adding a service connection using Inserta® Tee could not be simpler.

For detailed instructions on the installation of Inserta Tee® please consult our simple guide.

Check out this great animation video of how to install Inserta Tee®:

What are the advantages of using Inserta Tee®?

The advantages of using this fitting are clear: There is no better way of inserting service connections into a variety of new and legacy pipe systems, and there is no safer and simpler solution to get it done. But are there other perks to Inserta Tee®? Whether you are rehabbing or installing a new line, tapping existing ones or relining, this product is the go-to for service connections:

  • Makes the grading of mainlines easy
  • Connect the service exactly where it is needed
  • Reduced and safer labour hours for installation and maintenance
  • Watertight without the need for chemicals of any kind
  • Does not disturb the bedding of the pipe or expose it to unnecessary movement

To find out more about this versatile and effective product, or to discuss how we can help you get your project done, please contact us today.