Inserta Tee® OneFit: The Flexible Solution for Lateral Connections

Inserta Tee® OneFit

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The Inserta Tee® system from ADS has been one of the most in-demand products for Pro-Line Fittings customers in the past year. The elegance and simplicity of the lateral connection solution has become the first choice for projects across Canada. We covered the advantages of Inserta Tee® in this article, which we invite you to read to know more about the original product.

How do you improve on a product that is a proven performer and a project favorite? Add more flexibility. This is what ADS have done in the latest iteration of Inserta Tee® with their OneFit product. Pro-Line Fittings is very proud to be the Master Distributor of ADS’ OneFit and Inserta Tee® in Western Canada.

Inserta Tee® OneFit

What is InsertaTee® OneFit?

Combining ground-breaking adaptability with reliable water-tight connections, the Inserta Tee® OneFit is a high-performance watertight lateral service connection, air testable and modernized to fit any mainline pipe type 10’’ (250mm) and larger for unrivaled versatility. This waterworks technology delivers unmatched reliability and confidence in having the right solution for any project that requires lateral connections.

WATCH this great video by ADS that demonstrates how easy Inserta Tee® OneFit is to install.

What are the benefits of OneFit?

  • Superior Performance: Offers the same trusted performance and reliability as the original Inserta Tee®.
  • Versatile: Fits any mainline pipe type 10’’ (250mm) and larger.
  • Affordable: More cost-effective than fabricated and molded tees.
  • Flexible Application: Can be used in a variety of projects and installations.
  • Easy to stock: No need to stock multiple sizes with OneFit’s ability to adjust.
  • Legacy Quality: Inserta Tee OneFit is ALREADY recognized by thousands of municipalities for its quality and reliability.

Inserta Tee® OneFit

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All information in this blog post can be found on the ADS Inserta Tee® OneFit website.