Pro-Line Fittings East Inc. Announces New Collaborations

Pro-Line Partnership Announcement

Pro-Line Fittings East Inc. is proud to announce two exciting strategic alliances that will shape the pipeline industry. 

Firstly, Pro-Line Fittings East Inc. has partnered with Repco Inc., a leading manufacturers’ representative and master distribution company. This collaboration marks a significant milestone, promising to revolutionize the pipeline sector in Quebec. By expanding product offerings and enhancing service efficiency, this partnership will benefit customers and stakeholders alike. 

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Secondly, Pro-Line Fittings East Inc. has joined forces with Integrity Pipeline Products Ltd. in a bold joint venture. This move aims to reshape the landscape of the pipeline industry in Ontario and Atlantic Canada. By combining Pro-Line Fitting’s East renowned expertise in PVC fittings manufacturing with Integrity Pipeline Product’s reputation as a trusted manufacturing and distribution service provider, this partnership sets new standards of excellence in the region. 

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