Chemical Management Solutions by Pro-Line Fittings

Pro-Flare™ Fluoropolymer tube, fittings, valves & pump adaptation is the best choice for chemical resistance, as well as extended temperature & pressure capabilities over traditional plastics such as schedule PVC. Pro-Flare™ offers an ideal solution for many severe chemical applications, including sodium hypochlorite, ferric chloride, alum and others.

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Disinfection systems and other treatment processes can incur critical failures when piped using inferior plastics. Repairing leaks is costly over time and poses a health and safety risk to operational staff. The safety of an entire community’s water supply could even be jeopardised in the event of a catastrophic failure. The Pro-Flare™ system from Pro-Line Fittings is a long-term solution, it is safe and simple to use and reduces operational & maintenance costs of your chemical injection system. Contact Pro-Line Fittings today for more info.

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  • Eliminates chemical leaks common in solvent welded and threaded PVC piping
  • Fast and easy to install. Flare connections in less than 30 seconds rated to 150psi+
  • Safe, reliable, & hassle-free life expectancy with Sodium Hypochlorite and many other chemical systems
  • Expensive tooling not required
  • Compatible with all leading PVC valve manufacturers
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Pro-Flare™ Technical Brochure