Pro-Flare™ — Chemical Management Solutions by Pro-Line Fittings


Pro-Line Fittings proudly presents Pro-Flare™, a pipe tubing and fitting system that combines all the necessary components to get your chemicals safely from the injection pump to the injection point.

From our NEW Pro-Flare™ page:

Disinfection systems and other treatment processes can incur critical failures when piped using inferior plastics. Repairing leaks is costly over time and poses a health and safety risk to operational staff. The safety of an entire community’s water supply could even be jeopardized in the event of a catastrophic failure. The Pro-Flare™ system from Pro-Line Fittings is a long-term solution, it is safe and simple to use and reduces operational & maintenance costs of your chemical injection system.

You’ll also find on this page a superb Pro-Flare™ presentation video hosted by our very own Justin Giroux, walking you through the benefits of this new solution. 

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