LOX-8 Hypo Paste: Unequivocally The Best Pipe Thread Sealant

Lox-8 Paste & Grease

Guest Post by Justin Giroux, Pro-Line Fittings East Sales Manager

Finally, a pipe thread sealant that works with sodium hypochlorite, ferric chloride, alum & other chemical applications. LOX-8 Hypo Paste complements our Pro-Flare™ fluoropolymer piping system by eliminating leaks at unavoidable threaded connections.

Sodium hypochlorite, ferric chloride, alum and other volatile chlorine off-gassing chemicals common in water and wastewater treatment will find their way through pipe threads and solvent welded connections resulting in leaks in the form of white crystalline stalactites. The leaking threads are reoccurring and very costly to maintain.

LOX-8 Hypo Paste is a non-hardening, non-curing pipe thread compound recognised by The Chlorine Institute. LOX-8 is NSF approved, oxygen safe, and demanded by organizations such as NASA for extreme environments and applications. The specialized non-migrating formula lubricates and seals threads with prolonged resistance to powerful oxidizers, chlorine, and other chemicals.

Lox-8 Hypo Paste & Grease

Use the Pro-Flare™ fluoropolymer tubing system with +GF+ valves, for long-term leak free chemical handling, and where threaded transitions are unavoidable, trust LOX-8 Hypo Paste to prevent leaks at the threaded join.

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